"Peter is a natural intuitive 'body guy.' His interest in form and function is exceptional. He loves animals and will be an excellent student of the animal body as he has been of the human form. He asked me whether training in canine massage would make him useful and I assured him it could. I am excited to let some of my patients gain more pain relief through Peter’s hands."


--Pat Humphrey, DVM, Memorial Beach Veterinary Hospital, Healdsburg, CA



"Dutchess has severe joint issues that have continued to worsen so physical therapy was recommended. Peter is working on her whole body alignment and range of motion in her joints. Dutchess LOVED her session with Peter and we have noticed results right away. She has started to want to have longer walks again which is needed for her overall health. We look forward to continued work with Peter as Dutchess is beginning to find her inner puppy again.”


Progress Update:
"Dutchess, my 5yr old Labrador Retriever, had her initial physical assessment at the Animal Wellness Center of Marin on April 17th, 2013, shortly after beginning to work with Peter at my home.  The initial findings from AWCM's diagnostics read: 'Soft tissue pain with shoulder extension, hip extension, trigger points along the spinal muscles, decreased range of motion in several joints, overall discomfort with handling.' Seven weeks later, after seven sessions with Peter as well as weekly hydrotherapy (pool) exercises at AWCM, the follow-up diagnostics read: 'Improved overall gait, increased stance time of the left hind foot, no trigger points on the spine, improved shoulder and hip extension comfort, increased range of motion bilaterally in the elbows and in the left hock/ankle, improved and more symmetrical muscling in the rear legs and forelimbs, weight loss!'  Thank you AWCM, and thank you Peter!"


--Debra M.




photo by Elliott Harris


"Our Bichon-Jack Russell mix, Angel, is a sweet little dog who was born with a slightly bowed foreleg that she occasionally favors. Massage helps tremendously with her stiffness and realigns her gait. With regular treatments while she is still young (she is four years old), I think she will have less discomfort as she ages."


--Lacy B.






"The massage clearly benefits my pug physically -- after Peter works on him, his gait improves dramatically. But another benefit is how much it calms his demeanor. He seems much more at ease and happy in the days after he gets a massage."


--Elizabeth C.




photo by Elliott Harris


"Bodhichitta is one of the most energetic (not to say hyper!) dogs I know--yet when he gets a massage, it calms him dramatically (see photo!), and afterwards his energy is more composed, his temperament more even, balanced. He LOVES it!"


--Peter S.




"I’m an almost 12 year old -  115 lb German Shepherd with severe arthritis. Had TPLO surgery at age 2 – blew my knees out chasing a female :)   6 months ago I was almost a goner – started collapsing on walks down our ramp. That’s when I met Peter. He was willing to come out to my home since I’m not much for being left at other places. He’s worked wonders with me! (I can even get myself out to see my girlfriend next door.) I greet him at the door and escort him to my massage rug. Everything seems to go back into place and feels better after he visits.  THANK YOU PETER!"


--Bear W.